Friday, April 6, 2012

Risk Management Checklist

Safety Checklist For Risk Management


Safety Questionnaire

Benchmark using WSH (RISK MANAGEMENT) Regulations


Does employees knows about the WSH ( Risk Management) Regulations
To single out one employee and check his/her knowledge

Does the top management & managers knows about the risk assessment requirements
To single out one manager and check his/her knowledge on the applicability of risk assessment to which industry

Risk assessment is a high profile activity and only employees who are at least a supervisor and above should be involved. Is this statement correct?

Risk assessment focus on managing workplace risk by recommending PPE as the first line of defence. Is this statement true

All risk assessment register shall be kept in record for a period of 3 years

Risk assessment shall be review when there is change in processes or when an incident or accident occurred

Risk assessment is a process which involves
a)Risk Identification
b)Risk Control

The risk level of an activity shall be mitigated using the hierarchy of control

The last element of hierarchy of control is safety training

Are you informed of the hazards/risks associated with your work activity by the supervisors

Are you informed about the control measures to mitigate the severity of the work activity

Wearing PPE slows down my work pace and hence affect my productivity. Is this statement true

WSH regulations new framework is all about wearing PPE and workers to protect themselves only

Can l be charged by the subordinate court for failure to wear PPE when it is the job requirements and l am provided with the relevant PPE by the company

I must adhere strictly to the Safe work procedure at all times. Is this statement true

It is my duty to inform the supervisor whenever l spotted something amiss with a particular machine which l am working on

Noise monitoring by a competent person at the workplace is necessary when the workforce has more than 50 employees

Register on persons working in hazardous environment such as noisy environment, exposed to hazardous chemicals and/or radiation shall be maintained and updated. Is this statement true

An employee who work in an abrasive blasting environment shall go for regular medical check up . Is this statement true

Noise monitoring by a competent person shall be conducted once every 3 years

Forklift pre start inspection check shall be conducted and forklift inspection checklist duly completed and file. Is this statement true

We can engaged any professional PE to inspect and examine all pressure vessels, boilers and steam receiver. Is this statement true

All lifting operations, hot work, working at height above 2 meters and working in a confined space shall be control and monitor through a PTW system

All lifting gears , appliance and platform shall be examined and inspected by the authorised examiner regularly. Is this statement true or false

For any lifting operations, risk assessment is more important and hence there is no need to have a lifting plan. Is this statement true

For work in a confined space environment, as long as there is entrant and attendant deployed to work therein, it is not necessary to form a rescue team. Is this statement correct

The purpose of accident investigation is to punish the injured person .Is this statement correct

The purpose of WSH audit is to find fault to keep the audited sections busy. Is this statement correct

Can training prevent a workplace accident ?

Safety is every employees responsibility. Do you agree?

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