Friday, December 23, 2011

Unsafe Work Practices

Hazards is a condition ( unsafe act/unsafe condition)  with the potential to cause harm or injury and it can happen anytime and anywhere. Examples of common WSH hazards includes 

1.Falling from height hazards, 2.Struck by objects,3.Electrical Hazards
4.Machine Hazards, 5.Mechanical Hazards of tools and equipments
6.Fore & Explosion Hazards,7)Noise Hazards,8)Confined Space Hazards
9)Ergonomic Hazards,10)Chemical Hazards,11)Thermal Hazards
12)Radiation Hazards

In the photographs, it was observed that one worker was performing painting in an unsafe manner using   a ladder  precariously to access the work area for painting . In addition he was also observed failure to make use of fall protection personal protection equipment. (safety harness) and no barricade was observed being put up at site to deter entry

The unsafe practices identified are as follows:
1)Use of inappropriate tools and equipments as a means to access to an area with height more than 2 meters
2).Failure to make use of fall protection personal protection equipment
3)Unsafe use of ladder – Using a ladder other than what is intended in a way that can threaten his own safety
  at work

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