Saturday, December 17, 2011

Roles & Responsibilities Of Site Main Controller

Roles & Responsibilities Of Site Main Controller During Fire Situation


                i    Determine the nature of the emergency.

Report to Emergency Command Centre (Guard House) and collect the
Emergency Evacuation Status Report (See Annex A and B – Emergency
Evacuation Status Report 1 and 2).

                iii  Direct overall activities of the Emergency Response Organization.

Liaise with officer from government agencies such as Singapore Civil Defence
Force (SCDF), Singapore Police Force (SPF), National Environment Agency

                v   M
ake sure the evacuation alarm is turned on, if necessary.

Obtain accurate reporting on the emergency situation

Receive report on accounting for personnel from Chief Fire Wardens

Decide whether evacuated employees should be re-assigned or go home
when the emergency is over.

           viiii    Receive SCDF Commander when the commander first arrive at site

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