Saturday, December 17, 2011

Roles & Responsibilities Of Site Incident Controller

Roles & Responsibilities Of Site Incident Controller During Fire Situation

         i    Gather information of the emergency from security officer who is the
              first personnel at the scene

Gather Response Team including the fire fighting team/spill response team
and the first aid team

        iii   Plan the fire fighting operations based on the actual fire scene

        iv   Identify control point for the safe gathering of reinforcements, 
              additional fire  extinguisher

        v   lead fire fighting team for all fire fighting activities

       vi   lead the first aider team for all rescue operations activities

      vii   lead the spill response team for all spill containment activities

      viii   Report & update SMC on emergency situation status

     viiii  Meet up SCDF commander after notified by SMC of his arrival

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