Thursday, December 22, 2011

Roles & Responsibilities Of Security

Roles & Responsibilities Of  Security Officer During A Fire Situation

i    Upon the plant building fire alarm activation, the Chief Security Officer shall instruct his security guards at
     all guard posts to lower the Exits gantry post and to stop all contractors and visitors from entering &
     leaving the plant/building

i    Contractor who is seen trying to leave the plant when the fire alarm is activated will be advised to report to
     the main security guard post for emergency headcount check and thereafter to report to the Assembly

ii   Visitors/Contractors trying to enter the plant when the plant fire alarm  is activated will be stopped from
     entering and security officer shall advise these parties to contact the company host for rescheduling of
     their appointment amid of the unplanned fire emergency situation

iv   He shall instruct all his security officers at various guard posts to report to the main guard house for
      emergency situation deployment after they have cleared their individuals guard post

v     Deploy his security  officer for the following duties:
      a) deploy his security officer to perform crowds control and redirecting  the building occupants to  the
          Assembly Area
      b) deploy his security officer for bicycle patrol at and within the building premises to look out for lost
          building occupants who do not know the where about of the Assembly Area and to look out for
          unauthorized personnel who may seize the opportunity to trespass the building to commit crime
      c)  deploy his security officer to direct SCDF Fire engine to the Fire Command Center
      d) deploy his security officer to control traffic both within the building premise and building external
      e) contact his security company for additional security officers for deployment at site when necessary
      f)  advise his security officer not to speak to any members of the Press or reporters on the fire situation

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