Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How to Apply -Accelerated Depreciation Allowance for Noise Control

How to Apply

Step 1

Engage a Certifying Agency to:
  • Conduct noise assessment;
  • Compile an Evaluation Report certifying that the applicant qualifies for the scheme; and
  • Prepare the Application/Certification Form.
To facilitate the preparation of the Application/Certification Form, applicants should submit the Applicant's Particulars Form to the Certifying Agency.

Step 2

Submit these documents to the Ministry of Manpower's Occupational Safety and Health Division (OSHD):
  • A copy of the Application/Certification Form;
  • A copy of the Evaluation Report;
  • Layout plan; and/or
  • Product brochures/illustrations.
Please ensure that the required documents are duly completed. Incomplete or incorrect applications will be rejected.

Step 3

Upon approval by OSHD, submit these documents to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore along with the tax returns:
  • Application/Certification Form;
  • Evaluation Report; and/or
  • Relevant supporting documents e.g. receipts.

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