Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Accelerated Depreciation Allowance for Noise Control - How to Qualify

How to Qualify

In order to qualify for the accelerated depreciation allowance, the implemented noise control measures (e.g. machines, equipment, systems or devices) must:
  • Be new (used or reconditioned items are not eligible);
  • Belong to the applicant (rented items are not eligible);
  • Not carry other health risks e.g. excessive chemical exposure; and
  • Not have received financial grants from other Government agencies.
The measures should also reduce the noise levels at the actual work location on a normal workday to 82 dB(A) or less. The reading should take into account not just the noise generated by the implemented measures but also any noise caused by other sources in the vicinity, as well as at the workplace location itself, both indoors and outdoors.
A Certifying Agency must be engaged to take the readings.
The noise level readings will be taken as follows:
  • For machines, equipment or systems with in-built noise control features:

    The reading should be taken either from 1m away or at the operator's location, whichever is nearer; or
  • For machines, equipment, systems or processes with noise control devices or measures installed/implemented:

    Readings should be taken both before and after installation/implementation, while all other acoustic conditions remain the same. The reading should be above 85 dB(A) before installation/implementation.

    The readings should be taken either from 1m away or at the operator's location, whichever is nearer. An exception to this is when enclosures/sound barriers have been installed, in which case, the readings should be made at the boundary of the enclosure/barrier. Workers who enter the enclosure/barrier must also be adequately protected from the noise.
To ensure the effectiveness of the noise control measures implemented, a competent noise control agency or consultant should be engaged.

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