Saturday, November 26, 2011

Coordinate Management Meeting For Formulation Of WSH Policy

Coordinate Management Meeting For Formulation Of WSH

The process of coordinating management meeting for formulation of WSH policy involves 6  steps namely:

   i)Schedule date and time of meeting
   ii)Arrangement of meeting venue and facilities
   iii)Drafting meeting agenda
   iv)Sending out meeting notifications
    v)Sending reminders for meeting
   vi)Arrangement for meeting minutes to be taken

It is the responsibility of the WSH Committee secretary or the WSH officer to check the availability of the stake holders before scheduling the date and t ime of the meeting and arranging a meeting venue convenient to all stake holders

The meeting venue should be selected on the merits of their convenience and  comfort to the stake holders and relevant visual aids equipments such as  projector shall be arranged & set up in the meeting room for effective presentation of information for formulation of WSH policy.

Lightings & the temperature of the meeting room shall be adjusted too to  ensure a cosy yet serious ambience. Similarly, portable drinking mineral water,writing pads and stationary shall also be provided to the stake holders for notes taking purposes

The meeting agenda shall be drafted by the secretary and be circulated to all  the members prior to the meeting. The agenda should be drafted after taking  into consideration all the safety aspects with all departments and should also include the minutes of previous meeting.         

The WSH Committee secretary shall send out meeting notification to all members providing them with information on the meeting date and time and the meeting venue days before the actual meetin

Final gentle reminders shall be sent to all the members to remind them of the scheduled meeting and that attendance for the meeting will be taken down and at the same time confirming their attendance

And before the meeting commence WSH Officer or secretary of the WSH committee shall make all the arrangements to record the minutes of meeting and to ensure that the minutes are filed in a designated file for maintenance of minutes of previous meeting

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