Saturday, November 26, 2011

Setting WSH Objectives

Setting WSH Objectives in line with risk assessment results   

WSH objectives should include the aim to reduced the risk levels of identified risky activities based on the results of the risk assessment
The risks identified in the risk assessment can be prioritized and  suitable control measure implemented according to the hierarchy of change to either reduce the risk to an acceptable level or eliminate them completely
At this stage, the objective of the WSH policy shall be set based on risk assessment results and the reduction of risks.
Similarly, an organization can also implement additional WSH program as an objective of the WSH policy which is necessary to ensure safety and health of person at work for any specialized work activity, handling of hazardous materials and high risk equipments
Objectives of WSH policy can also be set to ensure the implementation of effective control measures to address the causes of any incidents.
However the organization should conduct thorough investigation into incidents and establish appropriate and effective control measure to prevent recurrence of that incident
Information which an organization can collect from their WSH records which may include but not restricted to

·         Type of hazards
·         Possible types of accidents and ill health due to the hazards and
·         Persons that can be victims of the accident or ill health
·         Type of materials, process involved
·         Dangers associated with the process
·         Acceptability level of risk
·         Accident frequency rates
·         Number of non-compliances

And to address the causes of incidents, an organization can adopt control measures which may include but not restricted to

·         Identify existing risk control measures
·         Review effectiveness of such controls and the consequences of failure
·         Assess potential severity of the hazards
·         Determine likelihood of occurrence, and
·         Assess risk level based on severity and likelihood

 Objectives relevant to the risk assessment results

We will ensure the risk level of all work activities in our organization shall not exceed medium level through development implement and regularly review the hazard identification programmes ,risk assessment programmes and risk control programmes

We will implement effective preventive measures to achieve zero incidents in any particular specific hazards

We will implement business continuity plan and crisis management plan to ensure our business is not affected by any medical emergency situation or crisis

Coordinate management review of WSH policy                     

WSH policy outlines the methods and processes that the organization will use to achieve desired safety outcomes. In reviewing the WSH policy, Senior management shall consult with key staff members in  charge of safety critical areas that needs improvement                                  
Consultation will ensure that the WSH policy and objectives are relevant to all staff and there is a sense of shared responsibility for the  safety culture in the organization

To review the WSH Policy and objectives, we can divide them into 5 areas
·         Management Commitment and Responsibility;
·         Safety Accountabilities of Managers;
·         Appointment of Key Safety Personnel;
·         The Emergency Response Plan; and
·         Documentation


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