Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Methods for Tracking Action Items

Methods for Tracking Action Items

The action items arise from the Management Review Session shall be track for completion. This is to ensure that the organization has a procedure or system to monitor and track management review meeting action items and that there is an identified person in charge faithfully carrying out the identified action items to close out the identified action items 

Methods for Tracking Action Items ( such as Types of Information and Management Review Records)
Methods for Tracking ( At least two)
Obtain updates of action items status from person in charge
Obtain the updates of identified action items status through informal one to one meeting with the person in charge of the action items or through the consultation and communication process with the stakeholders using the following means
a)Interview session
c)Feedback session etc
Use appropriate action items tracking methods
Create an excel spreadsheet on list of identified action items that require follow up actions from  the identified person in charge and monitor the status of the action items till closure.

Information in the tracking excel spreadsheet should include but not restricted to :
a)Types of tracking –where user shall indicate whether it is the results of an internal or external audit that requires tracking
b)Findings-where user shall indicate the reasons for tracking the identified action item. If it is an audit findings, user shall indicate the audit findings.
c)Action item-where user shall indicate the prescribed actions to be taken by the following up party
d)Person in charge-where user shall indicate the name of the actual person following up on the action items
e)Timeline-where user shall indicate the time frame to close out the action items
f)Date due-where user shall indicate the date due to close the action items
g)Status-where user shall indicate whether the action items have been closed out or still open and the reasons associated with each status

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