Thursday, December 22, 2011

Identify Acceptable WSH conditions and behaviours at the workplace

Identify Acceptable WSH conditions and behaviours at the workplace


To establish what are the acceptable WSH conditions and behaviours of the organization, the  organization need to identify from their organization legal  register which maintain the WSH legal and other requirements as well as the organizational procedures ,  relevant Code of Practice and the Singapore Standards on what are the applicable WSH legal and Other requirements  applicable to Reda Production System(s) manufacturing activities, products and services

Using the relevant information from the WSH legal requirements, the  WSH coordinator  can easily tabulate out the organization minimum workplace safety and health standards  on WSH conditions, monitoring and inspection frequency That the organization must meet because the WSH legal requirements are legal binding where the organization  have to comply to deter incurring liabilities for WSH  legal non-compliance

Flowchart on steps that have to be taken in order to effectively participate in WSH inspection

The WSH Coordinator can also obtain relevant information from the organization WSH legal register to help him to

•    Establish the frequency of monitoring and the areas to be inspected.
      Refer to Appendix C – Monthly Site Safety Inspection

•    Establish the criteria for critical WSH parameters for equipment and processes at the Workplaces.
      Refer to Appendix B –Statutory Inspection Monitoring Chart

•    Establish the WSH performance expectation at the workplaces
      Refer to Appendix A –Acceptable WSH Conditions & Behaviours at the workplace

•    In-house rules and regulations

•    Adhere to criteria for critical WSH parameters developed by subject matter experts and WSH officers

•    Establish the legal specifications on WSH conditions and the monitoring and inspection frequency

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