Friday, December 23, 2011

Waterproofing Application Of Membrane

Legal And Other Requirement For The Control Of Hazards/Risks For Waterproofing Application Of Membrane Activity On Roof Top

Waterproofing –application of membrane for barrier of water on building tops/roof
1)WSH Act Para 15- Duties of person shall wear PPE
2)WSH(Construction) Reg 2007 Para 33(2)-Duties of employers to provide PPE
4)WSH (Incident Reporting) Regulations
5)Environmental Public Health Act
6)WSH (General Provision) Regulations
7)Factories ( Safety Training Courses) Order 2001 & WSH ( Construction) Regulations 2007,regulation 9
8) WSH (Risk Management) Regulation
9)CP 14:1996
Code of Practice for Scaffolds
10)CP 20:1999Code of Practice for Suspended Scaffolds
11)Factories (Scaffolds) Regulations 2004

1)Workers shall don the safety harness when working on scaffolds
2)Workers shall anchor the safety harness
3)Employers shall provide safety harness, provide safe means of access, ensure all identified openings are covered with steel plate toe board and scaffolds erected with metal barricade and metal guardrails
4)Employers/scaffold supervisor shall report all industrial accidents to MOM within 10 days through I-reporting
5)Contractors shall engage licensed waste contractor for disposal of the empty paint containers
6)First aid kit shall be provided at site for emergency use
1)PTW (accompanied with risk assessment,& methods of statements) shall be apply for painting at height and shall be approved by the HSE department before work commencement
2)Scaffold supervisors directing all scaffolding activities must be MOM approved scaffolding supervisors and be trained & qualified
4)Workers & scaffold supervisor working on a scaffold structures shall ensure the following:
a)They shall anchored their safety harness at all times
b)They shall ensure all visible openings on the scaffolds are effectively covered using reasonable practicable means
c)They shall ensure all scaffolds are erected with reasonable practicable means of metal barricade and metal guards rails and steel plate metal toe boards
d)They shall ensure sufficient and secured anchorage, by means of a life line or otherwise for the safety harness or safety belt
e)They shall ensure the anchorage shall not be lower than the level of the working position of the person wearing the safety harness or safety belt
5)Daily safety toolbox meeting shall be conducted prior to work
6)All safety harness shall be physically check for damages by the workers and verified by the scaffold supervisor daily prior to use
7)No materials shall be kept at or near the edge of the building scaffolds
8)Scaffold Supervisors shall perform integrity scaffold checks daily & ensure it’s integrity daily prior to work commencement
9)All roofing membrane application works shall ceased when there is signs of lightning & thundering
10)All industrial accidents shall be reported to MOM within 10 days through I-reporting
11)Employers engaged as contractor to provide scaffolds services shall ensure the provision of reasonable practicable means of PPE & safe means of access and egress  to ensure his workers safety at work
12)Building tops shall be housekeep and nothing shall positioned in such a manner that would poses as a tripping hazard
13)Worker carrying out work in erecting of scaffolding/installing of suspended scaffold shall attend the scaffold erector course/suspended scaffold rigger course
14)Project manager in charge of construction activities in building and engineering construction worksites of a contract sum of $10 million or more shall attend the construction safety course for project managers

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