Friday, December 23, 2011

Soil Investigation And Earthwork Services

Legal And Other Requirements For Control Of Hazards/Risks For Soil Investigation And Earth Work Services
Soil investigation ,stabilisation and earthwork services-Study of soil before constructing of building
1)WSH (General Provision) regulations
2)WSH Act Para 15- Duties of person shall wear PPE
3)WSH(Construction) Reg 2007 Para 33(2)-Duties of employers to provide PPE
4)WSH(Risk Management )Reg
5)WSH(First Aid) Reg
6)Environmental Public
health Act( Chapter 95)7)
Application for approvals and permits under Regulations
7)Parks and Trees Act(Chap 216 Section 23(3) Parks and trees (planting areas) notification (planting trees)
1)Risk Assessment Shall be conducted on all activities associated with soil investigation, stabilisation, earthwork services
2)Workers shall don the require PPE relevant to their assigned work
3)Employer shall provide all require PPE
4)All industrial accident shall be reported to MOM within 10 days through I reporting
5)First aid kit shall be made available
6)Contractor shall apply license or permit for carrying out horticulture and landscaping works in public area
7)Worker if deployed for directing & controlling traffic shall don reflective vest
8)All workers shall undertaken  pre job warm up exercise before work commencement
1)Soil profile study of the site have been undertaken by the Qualified Person
2)Soil profile study undertaken by accredited laboratory & soil test results verified by Qualified Person
3)Survey on site and surrounding undertaken to confirm that there is no building or structures that may have shallow foundation in the vicinity of the proposed site
4)Pre- checks by means of using detector and referencing to site plan undertaken to confirm there is no underground telecommunication cables nor gas piping  that need to be removed prior to any demolition or excavation work.
5)Provision of soil movement monitoring equipment and deployment of one trained worker to closely monitored the affected site soil movements
6)All trenches are built with an adequately designed protective system to deter cave-ins
7)Risk assessment undertaken together with all involved workers to identify the hazards and risks associated with soil investigation, stabilisation, earthwork services and construction of building
8)Workers communicated on the hazards and risks as well as the control measures to mitigate the severity and occurrence of the hazards
9)Safety Toolbox meeting conducted to remind workers on hazards and risks associated with their work activities
 10)Pre job warm up exercise shall be conducted prior to commencing work
10) Relevant PPE issued to all involved workers

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