Thursday, December 22, 2011

Roles & Responsibilities Of Site Coord


( In the absence of Fire Safety Manager )

i. Upon lst alarm activation, he/she shall proceed to the Fire Command
   Centre ( FCC) to oversee the operations

ii Notified the Fire Management Company, Ademcco on fire alarm activation and also inform them that
   investigation is ongoing to establish whether the fire situation is confirmed.

iii Isolate the alarm bell but not to reset

iv Identify the fire alarm location by referring to the main fire control panel

v Contact the affected floor Fire Warden & instruct him ( FW) to proceed to the affected floor to physically
  check on the sub fire panel to establish the exact location of the fire alarm activation and to proceed to the
  affected location to investigation and to report to fire command center whether the fire situation is confirmed

vi Responsible for coordinating the smooth sequential floor evacuation with the respective floor Fire Warden

vi Responsible for updating the Building evacuation Status chart at the Fire Command Center

vii Responsible for furnishing SCDF with the following information
a) Location of the fire floor
b) Nature of business operation on the fire floor
c) Extent of the fire breakout and the fire damaged
d) Location of all fire fighting equipment
e) Building evacuation status
f) No. of missing person(s)
g) Hazardous substance inventory level

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