Thursday, May 3, 2012

Approved Termiticide For Local Use

Approved Termiticide For Local Use

Chlorpyrifos (to be prohibited for local use with effect from 1 Jul 2009)
Fenvalerate (Wazary 10 FL)
Fipronil (Agenda 10SC)
Imidacloprid (Premise 200 SC, Prothor 200 SC and Cheminova Couraze)
Termitox (Fipronil 5.0%)
Thiamethoxam (Optigard Termite Liquid)
or their equivalent

As an alternative to chemical soil treatment, developers and architects may wish to consider the suitability of using non-chemical termite management systems or physical termite barrier systems.
Please note that the above chemicals are controlled as hazardous substances under the Environmental Protection and Management Act. Pest control operators are required to apply for a Hazardous Substances Licence/ Permit to buy and use controlled hazardous substances. You may refer to the web page on HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES CONTROL for more information.

NB: The local use of Chlordane for anti-termite soil treatment and its sale has been prohibited in Singapore since 1 Jan 1999.  The local use of Chlorpyrifos will be prohibited in Singapore with effect from 1 Jul 2009.

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