Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Factories ( Safety Training Order) Regulations

Factories ( Safety Training Courses) Order 2001 and the WSH ( Construction)
Regulations  2007, regulation 9,
comes into effect in June 2001 which enforced
the requirements for mandatory training for certain categories of persons employed
in the construction work site and in certain industrial  premises. This is an integral
part of the Ministry’s strategy to curb accidents through education

Under the Factories ( Safety Training Order) Regulations, it requires the following
categories of workers to attend a mandatory safety training course designed for their
job and they are:
  •  Workers level 
  • Supervisor level
  • OSH personnel    
  • Managerial level
To administer the mandatory training in WSH for the relevant personnel at the
workplace  would require the  organization to consider the need to plan for and
administer the mandatory training through the following steps
  • ·  Identification of mandatory training program

  • ·  Identify the accredited training providers

  • ·  Scheduling of mandatory training programs

  •   Maintenance of training records
Information on the Mandatory WSH training for the construction industries Vis-a-vis the
worker level, supervisor level and the manager level as well as the accredited training
providers can be gathered from the Ministry of Manpower Websites   
Mandatory WSH Training

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