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NEA Safety Audit Guidelines

NEA Safety Audit Guidelines

1 The Pollution Control Department (PCD) of the National Environment Agency licenses the import, sale, storage, transportation and use of hazardous chemicals. These chemicals are listed and controlled under the Environmental Protection and Management Act and its Regulations
2 Besides having stringent regulatory controls, it is equally imperative that companies have adequate and effective systems in place to ensure safe management of hazardous chemicals.
3 The Safety Audit Scheme is, therefore, to spur companies to systematically identify and rectify weaknesses in their management systems and practices of handling hazardous chemicals once every two years.
4 Companies under the Scheme can either conduct their own safety audit studies in-house or engage accredited consultants to do so on their behalf. Companies that are going to be conducting safety audits for the first time are advised to engage an NEA accredited consultant.

5 Companies shall seek prior approval from PCD should they decide to use an in-house audit team. When appointing the in-house audit team, the companies shall ensure that :
  1. the team leader should not feel inhibited from disclosing strengths and weaknesses and in the management of hazardous substances and in recommending necessary actions,
  2. the team and team leader's skills and experience are appropriate,
  3. top management submits a letter to PCD stating that it has confidence in the skills and experience of the team and team leader and that it will act on their recommendations (where practicable).
6 To ensure compliance with the recommendations, a follow-up action plan with the date of compliance shall be included in the Safety Audit Report.  Our officer will arrange with the company for an inspection upon the compliance.

7 The elements to be audited under the Scheme are in Annex 1.
8 The list of accredited consultants is in Annex 2.
9 The guideline for the safety audit report is in Annex 3.

10 A list of reference reading material is in Annex 4.
[ Note for Industries under Ministry of Manpower's Safety Management System Audit Scheme and ENV's Safety Audit Scheme. ]

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